Massive sale at Deniliquin

September 10, 2017

Tracie and Coel Johnson at Tuesday’s sheep sale.

Deniliquin’s Associated Agents held their largest sale of the season in Deniliquin on Tuesday, according to Elders Deniliquin livestock agent John Fitzpatrick.

Mr Fitzpatrick said 16,736 sheep were penned at Deniliquin Saleyards, which included 10,179 new season lambs.

‘‘The new season lambs didn’t have the weights as previous sales, but the quality was excellent,’’ Mr Fitzpatrick said.

‘‘There was also an excellent run of trade and light lambs.

‘‘There was a large field of buyers with the bidding spirited.’’

Meat & Livestock Australia data shows the majority of lambs presented in a range of 20-24kg carcase weight.

MLA said prices were similar to a fortnight ago with only minor changes across the main categories.

Heavy young lambs sold to a top of $177 and it was one of just two sales above $170 per head for pens weighing 26kg plus.

This was followed by about 10 sales from $160 to $169 for the best heavy trade weights.

The bulk of the young lambs was under 24kg and sold from $135 to $155, with plainer and lighter types making from $119 to $132.

On a carcase basis prices consistently averaged from 620c to 640c/kg across the main drafts.

There were some big lines of young store lambs, with up to 400 in a pen, which sold strongly to north-east buyers from $107 to $117.

The selection of old season lambs was very mixed as tail-end drafts are cleared. Bidding did fluctuate with any well finished trade weight types in shorter skins selling to the best demand.

The sheep yarding featured several larger lines of recently shorn Merino ewes.

Mutton prices improved to track above an estimated 400c/kg cwt across the main drafts of Merinos which consistently made from $90 to $115/head.

The few higher prices of up to $144 were for small pen lots of full wool sheep.

Lean and light weight sheep under 21kg carcase weight sold particularly well.

Top sales:

Suckers – GK & SC Lehmann, $177.60; B & A Butcher, $172.20; East Loddon Pastoral Co, $168.60; M & K Walsh, $168; Pisasale Pastoral Co, $166.

Old lambs – TA, MS & JE Caldwell, $174.60; Stanley Wood, $167.60; B & AM Butcher, $160; KP & SP Hare, $158; M Hannan, $158; Rawalak Partnership, $155; Cathcart Nominees, $152; Mathoura Station, $150.60.

Sheep – HJ & MJ McLean, $141.20; DC & CO Goudie, $140; Nooborac, $135; GD & JC Chapman, $129; Tan Trum Farming, $129; J & J Andrews, $128.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and John Fitzpatrick of Elders Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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