What is love?

September 12, 2017

‘Love Makes the World Go Round’ was a song written in 1961 for the Broadway musical Carnival.

It is a quirky little melody of falling in love being central to the fullness of living of the characters being portrayed.

Through the years many songs, novels, plays, movies and television soap operas have enticed audiences with tales of love and romance.

And often love seems to be something that is used in forms of entertainment as a commodity to fall in and out of regularly, without any real sense of commitment nor of what love truly is.

True love is singular in its essence and purpose and can be experienced in various forms such as God’s unconditional love for us and our love for God, the love of families, love between husband and wife, children, siblings, friends and in the service of others, of nation and of this world as we care for people, some whom we may never meet.

Love essentially is a gift from God expressed in God’s bountiful love in the creation of all that we have including humankind.

If we try to understand God’s all-embracing and intimate gift of life for every part of His creation, then we can grasp how God has made us and all people in His own likeness and goodness, which means that we have within us the purest love and grace to share in Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection as He shared the fullness of our humanity.

We can look within our being through prayer, meditation and bible exploring to find the real essence of why and how we should love ourselves — not in a conceited, selfish way of what we can have or gain, but in freely giving ourselves in love for others expressed in the offering of self in the nurture, growth and care of all people.

Jesus gave us two great Commandments ... Love God with all of our being and love your neighbour as yourself.

May these be central in our living so that we, our families, friends, society and world may be a more loving, caring, truthful, peaceful and beautiful kingdom.

~ Contributed by Rev Wayne Sheean of St Paul’s Anglican Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.

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