Your Human Blueprint revealed

September 16, 2017

Many people meander through life without an effective guide to help them along the way.

This may well be the reason why in today’s world we see people struggling with anger, depression as well and many other health issues.

Our lives are getting more difficult than ever before. If we want to effectively use almost any appliance or equipment we refer to the instruction manual.

It is the same for the most important piece of equipment we each own – our human life.

Author and a registered nurse Angela Peris has searched for the instruction manual to our human life and published ‘Your Human Blueprint to an Extraordinary Life’ to help us unravel our true being to understand what our lives are about.

It will help you discover your true purpose, to be your authentic self.

This book guides us to find the power that lies within our human life and our greater potential to live an amazingly powerful life.

Ms Peris explains how to enhance our emotional intelligence to empower ourselves to dissolve feelings of hurt, sadness, anger as well as other health issues.

This life-changing book will be launched in Berrigan on Sunday, October 1.

Ms Peris shares her wisdom and intuitive guidance to show you how to get the best of your human life experience.

In her book, she provides a warm, friendly approach to helping people understand how to apply simple steps to live a healthy, successful and a happy life.

She is passionate about helping people and has made a difference to the lives of many people.

Ms Peris invites you to attend the launch of ‘Your Human Blueprint to an Extraordinary Life’ and gain an insight into how your life can be more fulfilled.

The launch will take place at the Berrigan Golf Club on Sunday, October 1 from 2pm. For catering purposes, RSVP is preferred by phoning 0400719093.

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