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October 06, 2017

Deniliquin stock and station agent Ian Geddes with Elders stock and station agent Nick Spora at Tuesday’s sale.

The new season young lamb numbers continue to flow in at Deniliquin saleyards, with a total of 11,900 lambs yarded at Tuesday’s sale.

Quality varied from very good down to some plainer lighter weight drafts showing some signs of dryness in their skins towards the end of the agents’ run.

There was also less weight on average with the dry conditions starting to be a contributing factor.

The regular buyers were more selective, at times creating a fluctuating market on a fortnight ago.

Prices for the weight ranges did vary with sales as the light to light trade weights sold up to $4 cheaper, with some of the medium and heavy trade weight young lambs selling firm to $4 dearer depending on the quality.

Restockers did compete with processors as light weight lambs sold from firm to $2 dearer, coming from Swan Hill, Finley, Shepparton and locally as they purchased lambs from $100 to $112 a head.

A local agent also paid $85 to $88 for Merino ewes.

Light two score new season spring lambs to the processors made $98 to $107, light trade weights two and three scores sold from $106 to $119 and they averaged 615c/kg carcase weight (cwt).

Medium trade weight two and three scores made from $120 to $132, to average 615c/kg cwt.

Medium trade weight three score better covered drafts, at 21kg to 22kg cwt, sold from $136 to $146 and heavier trade weight three score lines made from $146 to $160 to average an estimated 606c/kg cwt.

Heavy three and four score new season lambs sold from $161 to $176, and averaged an estimated 600c/kg cwt.

Old lambs sold close to unchanged as the medium weight two and three scores sold from $104 to $118, heavy trade weights $130 to $148 and heavy lambs made from $140 to the market top of $190.

The sheep yarding was smaller by half with 3,000 head penned.

It was made up of Merino ewes in excellent to good condition and also some crossbred ewes in the mix with all weights and grades.

Prices generally showed a cheaper trend of $5 to $10 for the medium to heavy weights and a few sales of extra heavy sheep were up to $15 lower.

The few pens of light weight one and two score sheep made $55 to $71, medium trade weight two and three scores sold from $72 to $97 and Merino ewe mutton averaged 365c/kg cwt.

Heavy three and four score crossbred ewes sold from $80 to $108, averaging 285c/kg cwt.

The heavier three and four score Merino ewes made $94 to $110.

Rams of all breeds sold to less demand, making from $18 to $60.

Top sales:

New sucker lambs – RD & BJ Armytage, $176; Andrew Brain, $172; J & J Bradford, $166; Ian Landale, $161.

Lambs – JR & FE Beer, $190.20; WS & JE Rice, $176.

Mutton – James Dudley, $110; DD & AL Bull, $110; Ian Landale, $108.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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