Austin Evans

October 11, 2017

Brian Mills, Helen Dalton, Austin Evans and Peter Robinson.

As I drive around the electorate a lot of people tell me about the good work The Nationals have carried out for the Riverina over the years.

I hear about Kay Hull and Tim Fischer — local MPs who never forgot the people who put them in parliament, but also some of the things we’ve delivered more recently, like the dialysis unit at Deniliquin hospital — where previously patients had to travel back and forth to Echuca for treatment.

There will always be some people for whom nothing is ever enough, who say that we should have delivered more.

What they need to understand is that regardless of who is elected next Saturday it’s The Nationals who will have to deliver from government.

They can choose a Nationals MP who can hold the government to account, and be held to account by the electorate at the next state election, or another candidate who will have no sway in government and will either claim what the government builds or blame them for not building it. Where’s the accountability in that?

That’s why I’m running for the Nats — to actually get things done rather than be another voice of protest.

I live at Coleambally with my family, and in my day job I’m an engineer at Coly Irrigation.

I’ve always been focused on finding a solution, not carrying on about the problem, and I’d take the same approach as your local MP.

I hope I can count on your support on election day.

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