Car theft spate

November 14, 2017

Police are again reminding local residents to secure their cars and their valuables after another spate of break-ins last week.

Police said in the past week there were 13 thefts from vehicles reported across Deniliquin, Moama and Barooga.

Seven were reported in Deniliquin between Sunday evening November 5 and the next morning.

Deniliquin Police Inspector John Aichinger said property stolen from the Deniliquin vehicles included wallets containing personal identification, coins, cigarettes and other personal items.

‘‘Police have attended all reported steal from motor vehicle incidents and on each occasion (in Deniliquin) the stolen items have been left in public view and the vehicles have been left unlocked,’’ Insp Aichinger said.

‘‘The local police are out working hard within the community driving down crime. We need the assistance of residents to take personal responsibility of their belongings and most importantly secure your vehicle when it’s unattended.

‘‘Most of these recent steal from motor vehicle offences have occurred on private property in driveways, but the risks still apply.

‘‘Police are appealing to all community members in the Deniliquin Command to take your own steps to remove valuable items from your vehicle and secure it by closing windows and locking all doors.

‘‘We are all lucky to live in an area where generally crime levels and these types of risks are low. We generally know the people we live and share our towns with. But people need to understand that thieves are more mobile today than they have ever been.

‘‘Whilst there is no need to be panicked, a few simple basic steps like securing your vehicle can save you the grief of getting new cards and licences issued and can save you a wealth of money and time.

‘‘It will also greatly assist in not tying up police resources on crimes that could easily be prevented.’’

Insp Aichinger said fines apply to people who do not secure their vehicles and there is an obligation on road users to also remove ignition keys.

‘‘On a road or road related area, if your vehicle is found unlocked or with the windows down, you can be issued a $110 fine,’’ Insp Aichinger said.

‘‘If the key is in the ignition, that’s another $110 fine.

‘‘These offences exist to ensure people do not allow their vehicles to fall into the hands of others who could cause injury, be it offenders looking to steal your car, to a child who enters your vehicle and releases the hand brake through basic curiosity.’’

The Deniliquin thefts occurred in Sloane St, Mann St, Holden Court and Cressy St.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Deniliquin Police on 58819299 or CrimeStoppers on 1800333000.

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