Solar proposal open to public assessment

November 24, 2017

Development applications for two large solar farms near Deniliquin have been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Public feedback is now being sought as part of the approval process for the proposed Tarleigh Park and Currawarra developments.

Department director of resource and energy assessments Clay Preshaw says providing a submission is easy and is open until December 21.

‘‘Anyone can go to our website to review the plans, or alternatively visit the local Edward River Council in person to read a copy,’’ Mr Preshaw said.

‘‘RES Australia has proposed two separate large scale solar farms in the area and both plans are on exhibition at the same time.

‘‘The Tarleigh Park Solar Farm, proposed in Blighty, could power 33,700 homes with capacity for 90 megawatts of renewable energy.

‘‘Separately, the Currawarra Solar Farm, proposed for the northeast of Deniliquin, could provide energy for 73,000 households with a larger 195 megawatts of capacity.

‘‘Both projects also include energy storage facilities consisting of lithium-ion batteries. These are the first major battery storages proposed for a solar farm in the state.’’

Mr Preshaw says public feedback is important to the planning assessment process and encouraged the community to make submissions.

‘‘We assess all proposals on their merits, including any potential social, economic, or environmental impacts or benefits. All submissions will be read and considered.’’

Renewable energy company RES Australia first proposed the solar farm developments in April this year.

The projects are named after the privately owned properties where they are to be built, both of which are owned by Macdonald Agriculture.

Environmental impact statements for both projects have already been completed.

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