Campaspe Valley Bowls round seven teams

November 24, 2017

Local teams for round seven of the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division are as follows.

Deni RSL Bowls Club:

Div. 1 v Tongala (home): F Daniels, T Taylor, C Hillier, M Quor (s); Craig Taylor, G Thomson, R Marchetti, D Greaves (s); M Howe, R Reid, K Wellard, L Harris (s).

Div. 3 v Tongala (home): D Stanmore, Chris Taylor, J Jennings, A Webster (s); C Frampton, P Liefting, Bruce Clancy, T Tonta (s); D McCalman, W Pattinson, J Tonta, L Pattinson (s).

Div. 5 v Deni Blue (home): B Leetham, M Peterman, P Kotkin-Smith, K Lester (s); J Lowe, W Bradley, Brian Clancy, J Wilson (s). Emergencies: S Hill, J Rhook.

Deni Bowling Club:

Div. 1 v Rochester (away): H Lea, L Franklin, C Bovell, S Truelsen (s); D Hessel, P Snare, P Chadderton, J Shields (s); R Brown, D O’Keefe, J Flisher, S Laing (s). Cars - thirds.

Div. 2 v Tongala (home): G Nisbet, M Tasker, S Treble, L Ritchie (s); J King, L Hillier, J Bovell, A Shields (s); T Danckert, K Plattfuss, Ty King, M Wubbels.

Div. 3 v Rochester (home): T Brooksby, Tony King, R Douglas, C Knuckey (s); C Lowe, B Beehag, G Dedman, M Connor (s); N Murray, K Keane, A Hardcastle, T Todd (s).

Div. 5 Gold v Echuca (away): L Villella, R Hay, T Smith, D Bradford (s); T Scoullar, C Cameron, M Donohue, T Freeman (s). Cars - thirds.

Blue vs RSL (away): S Wubbels, T O’Brien, A Morton, R Anderson (s); I Chessells, B Seignior, R Morris, P Morris (s). Emergencies: B Young, J Croker.

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