Mum’s the word for North’s new students

November 27, 2017

North School 2018 kindies Harvey Campbell, Stella Chadderton, Alexis Bucholtz and Emma Paton with thier mums Rachel Phillis-Campbell, Hayley Chadderton, Rachel Rucholtz and Michelle Paton.

(Back, from left) Thomas Dudley, Jaxon Rothe, Degan Morgan, Ahmen Labib, Lachie Macdonald, Alexis Bucholtz, Henry Campion, Emma Paton, Miles Allitt, Maya Hilton and Killarni Macdonald

Children will often accidently call their teacher ‘mum’ while at school, and for some of the youngsters starting at Deniliquin North School next year it will be even harder to avoid.

Four of the preschoolers graduating to Kindergarten in 2018 are the children of teachers at the school.

Alexis Bucholtz may even be taught by her mum Rachel, who hosted the Kindergarten transition program last week.

Harvey Campbell’s mum Rachel Phillis-Campbell teaches Year 1, Emma Paton’s mum Michelle teaches Year 2/3 and Stella Chadderton’s mum Haylee is a casual teacher.

Mrs Paton said her daughter and the other prospective Kindergarten students spent all of last week preparing for their transition to ‘big’ school’.

‘‘There were more than 25 children who took part in our transition program, and the children have already bonded together quite well.

‘‘Parents were also involved and were able to meet with the Parents and Citizens Committee.

‘‘During the program the children have spent some time with the students who will be their Year 6 ‘buddies’ and played games and had other fun. They’ve also had some tours of the school to familiarise themselves.’’

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