Deniliquin Netball Association round six results

November 28, 2017

JB Geckos centre Tyson Willis ready to make the centre pass.

Red Roo Rams shooter Mia Parks lines up her shot for goal.

Deniliquin Netball Association spring competition results from last Wednesday at Memorial Park (round six):

Open: Timbercutters 20 def. IGA Hotshots 13, Goal Diggers 31 def. H&Ms 14, Cutters 27 def. Scrambled Legs 14, HRL Trainers 21 def. Squad 16, Sharks 42 def. Drovers 23.

C Grade: Black Cats 2.0 drew Bing Bang Bong, Bring It On 21 def. Deni Chicks 10.

D Grade: Red Roo Rams 15 def. Blue Diamonds 1, Opals 24 def. JB Geckos 9.

E Grade: IGA Junior 6 def. Magpies 3, Tiny Tigers 15 def. Dynamite Divas 0.

Tomorrow night’s draw for round seven:

5pm: E Grade - IGA Juniors v Dynamite Divas, Magpies v Tiny Tigers; D Grade - Rams 13 v JB Geckos; C Grade - Bring It On v Bing Bong Bang. D Grade bye - Red Roo Rams.

Umpires: G McMahon, S Learmonth, J Hammer, A Rodda, G Mildren, J Smith, A Young, E Weir.

6pm: D Grade - Opals v Blue Diamonds; C Grade - Deni Chicks v Black Cats; Open - Sharks v Goal Diggers, IGA Hotshots v Squad.

Umpires: G Danckert, B Blake, K Marshall, B Davis, E Harvey, C Fisher, T Macdonald, E Ritchie.

7pm: Open - Scrambled Legs v Drovers, River & Grain v H&Ms, Timbercutters v Cutters. Open Grade bye - HRL Trainers.

Umpires: E Manzin, A Harvey, C Brown, K Westcott, M Dowell, O Manzin.

For further information or if you are unable to umpire leave a text message on 0408099768

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