Bright future ahead as we adjust to changes

December 20, 2017

The door is about to close on Deniliquin’s 175th year, an achievement which was celebrated and highlighted with the souvenir lift-out in our edition on Friday.

When we look back on history the development of our community and its massive progress is more easily seen and appreciated.

The Deniliquin region, built initially on the sheep’s back and now heavily reliant on irrigated agriculture, remains one of strength, resilience and prosperity.

Some may question whether the halcyon days have past, however we believe any thoughts along these lines are premature.

Certainly we are going through a period of change, but that happens to almost every community. Despite what some may think, our situation is no different to what many before have encountered.

Loss of manufacturing and changing technology have had an adverse impact on many towns and regions. In our case, change is frustrating because regional prosperity has been adversely impacted by decisions forced from city-based environmental ideologists who have sufficient political clout to sway the decision-making process, even when those decisions lack both science and common-sense.

But on the positive side we have areas of growth that will pave the way for future prosperity.

One of these is liveability, which has the potential to bring more people to Deniliquin and district as they become frustrated with the hustle and bustle of city life.

The climate, river and an abundance of community and sporting pursuits will continue to attract new residents, including families and retirees looking for a quieter life.

For the retiree, where else can you find golf, bowls, croquet and a vast range of other leisure activities in a town this size? There are also numerous organised passive activities that cater for many interests. As our 175th anniversary publication shows, there are established groups catering to a significant cross-section of the population.

Our region also has an enviable range of community services to support families and retirees, and with redevelopments at the childcare centre and Navorina these will be further enhanced in the new year.

So the signs all point to a positive future with opportunities for growth.

Deniliquin and district has a long history which we will continue to record with pride. There is also a bright future as we continue to rejuvenate and adjust to changing times.

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