Wise Christmas story

December 27, 2017

Christmas is over for another year ... and soon you can buy hot cross buns (okay, I can hear you all groaning).

The original Christmas story, while told in a few short chapters of the bible, actually spans many years.

Jesus was nearly two before the Wise Men, the Magi, came to worship him.

We know the story from our school years, or from our Sunday School years, but did you ever think of how God had planned it to the smallest detail?

In Genesis, you can find prophecy of Jesus being born of a virgin and in Bethlehem, among many others.

Thousands of years earlier, the Prophet Isaiah had foretold of the virgin birth.

In Hosea it is said that the Messiah would spend time in Egypt and there are many other things that Jesus himself had no control over.

I love to think how God used the Wise Men, more than likely Astrologers or star gazers, to point the world to the true King.

Men who were more than likely non-religious but respectful and wished to give gifts that seemed odd to present to a child, but would indicate some of the things that Jesus would see and need into adult life and ministry.

Did you hear the one about the three Wise Women? They would have arrived on time, helped with the birth and brought practical gifts.

As this year 2017 rounds out with its ups, downs, joys and sorrows, take heart that God knows exactly what is going on for you and is willing and wanting to journey with you.

All you need to do is seek Him and find Him, as the Wise Men did 2000 years ago.

Keep searching for that peace that only Jesus can bring!

Bless you and Happy New Year!

~ Contributed by Captain Sandra Walmsley of the Deniliquin Salvation Army, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.

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