Visitors fill river, parks and CBD

December 29, 2017

Melbourne and Axedale visitors (back, from left) Brendan and Ryder (front) Franksen, Logan Brett, Daniel Brown and Rohan Franksen; (middle) Matthew, Emily and Aiden Brown; (front) Abbey and Lily Franksen and Olivia Maher.

Visiting from Melbourne are (back, from left) Josh Wren, Ryan Gatt, Kirsty Mawson, Bradley, Wayne and Christopher Gatt, Isabella and Dave Borg, Shaun Gatt and John Noonan; (front) Dean, Bailey (front), Tyler and Aiden Gatt.

Teneille Mahony and Skylah Hardwick take a look at the school room exhibition at the Peppin Heritage Centre.

Emily and Jaiden (front) Lunt, Caiden May, Jye Cannon, Daniel (back) and Zak Murrell, Simon and Tanisha May and Caitlyn Murrell.

The Edward River has been the destination of choice for holiday makers and locals alike as we continue to celebrate the festive season, and the warm summer temperatures.

Deniliquin Boat Club Commodore Michael Byrne said the Christmas holiday break was always one of the busiest times of year for river use, with Easter the other.

He returned to Deniliquin on Boxing Day after being away for Christmas celebrations, and said he was pleased to see the heightened activity.

There were plenty of ‘floaters’, skiers, punts and houseboats — and the growing popularity of the ‘booze barge’ was evident — on the water on Boxing Day and beyond.

‘‘It’s good to see the river, and the town, so busy,’’ Mr Byrne said.

‘‘The Deniliquin Boat Club has also been well utilised during the holiday period.

‘‘With this increased use though, people need to make sure they’re aware of the safety regulations, and follow them.

‘‘Be wary of other boats and have courtesy for other boats and river users.

‘‘Also be conscious that the wake create by your boat might impact on others.’’

Mr Byrne said it was also timely to remind people about ski zones, which start at McLean Beach and continue downstream about 10km.

‘‘Upstream of McLean Beach, including past the CBD, is a no wash zone,’’ he said.

‘‘Also, further downstream from the ski zone is an area with a lot of snags, so it’s important to stay within the ski zone.’’

Among those enjoying McLean Beach on Wednesday were brothers Brendan and Rohan Franksen, and their cousin Daniel Brown.

The brothers have been holidaying in Deniliquin with their family all of their lives, with their cousin jumping on the bandwagon some years later.

‘‘Dad (Ray ‘Bluey’ Franksen) has been coming here since he was a kid, and so have we,’’ Brendan said.

‘‘We come for the water, the sun and to spend time as a family,’’ Daniel added.

‘‘Sometimes the only time we spend as a whole family is when we come to Deniliquin.’’

They are all annual site holders at McLean Beach Holiday Park, and the family soon enticed their Melbourne friends to consider Deniliquin as their favoured holiday destination.

With the Maher and the Berry families added to their regular group more than a decade ago, they have six annual sites at the holiday park between them.

Along with the river, Deniliquin’s parks, beach to beach walk and shopping district have been popular with holiday makers over the past week.

Teneille Mahony was yesterday making another annual trip to the Deniliquin Peppin Heritage Centre museum, which she said has been a ritual all her life.

‘‘I come to Deni from Melbourne every year; my parents Gill and Bill Mahony have been coming here for 40 years.

‘‘I visit the museum each year because I am really interested in local history and information on the sheep industry.’’

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