Safe Deni Christmas: Police

December 29, 2017

Deniliquin Police reported a ‘‘quiet’’ and safe Christmas period in Deniliquin, with no major incidents.

Police maintained a strong presence in Deniliquin and district, with alcohol breath testing a common sight on Davidson and Hardinge Sts over the Christmas period.

The police presence is all part of the state-wide Operation Safe Arrival, during which police will continue to target drivers who are at a high risk of causing more carnage during a period that has already seen too many die on NSW roads.

NSW Police Force statistics for the state so far, since the operation started two weeks ago, include 21 fatalities from 1123 major crashes.

Police have also issued 14,660 speed infringements, 20,181 other infringements and 777 drink driving charges.

Police have administered 473,306 drink driving tests.

Operation Safe Arrival runs through to January 7.

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