David’s Dux achievement

December 29, 2017

South School runner-up Dux Abbie Wallace with Dux David Truedsson.

Award winners (back, from left) Ellie Caruso, Georgia Danckert, Zoe Holloway and Abbie Wallace; (front) Mia Tilders, Keely Rich and Lilly Davies-Wilson.

Singing and music played a big part in the Deniliquin South School presentation day ceremony held earlier this month at the Deniliquin RSL Club.

As well as renditions of the school song ‘Green and Gold’ and the singing of the national anthem, the day’s program included a ukulele performance from students in 4 Kakadu and 4/5 Daintree.

The last student performance of the day was the Year 6 graduation song.

A variety of special awards, sporting awards and class awards were presented on the day.

The school’s highest achievement — the First Principal’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, or Dux — went to David Truedsson.

Runner-up Dux and receiving the Gifted and Talented Award was Abbie Wallace.

The ceremony also saw the induction of the school parliament cabinet. The ministers — Ella Birt, Hayden Doncon, Edward Dudley, Jarrah Fitzpatrick, Phoebe Jefferies, Cooper King, Mia Parks, Paige Wall, Madeline Weir and Cameron Wills — will receive their portfolios in the new school year.

House captains and vice captains were also inducted on presentation day.

Boonoke: Captains – Bede Orr and Kasey Griffiths; Vice Captains – Jace Collins and Jorja Perrin.

Cornalla: Captains – Bryce Lea and Sammantha Flanagan; Vice Captains – Brodie Park and Briah Mowat.

Mundiwa: Captains – Joshua Mills and Phoebe Sander; Vice Captains – Liam East and Jasmyn McKenzie.

Warbreccan: Captains – Tyson Willis and Olivia McCallum; Vice Captains – Nicholas Caruso and Emily Marshall.

Special awards:

Award for Public Speaking and Debating – Zoe Holloway.

George Cable Encouragement Award – Georgia Danckert.

Des Greaves Special Effort – Phoebe Crothers (Kinder/Stage 1); Joshua Reeves (Stage 3).

Soroptimist Club Award for Special Effort – Eliza Atley and Christian Bould (Stage 2).

The Dawe Family Award for Project Research – Abbie Wallace.

Edward River Art Society Awards – Early Stage 1, Bentley Hardman; Stage 1, Chase Bartlett; Stage 2, Izaak Davies-Wilson; Stage 3, Emily Marshall.

Langman Rose Performing Arts Award – James Selleck.

Library Award – Abbie Blake.

Deniliquin Teacher’s Association Award (School Values) – Mia Tilders.

Member of Parliament for Outstanding Service/Year 6 Community Involvement Award – Ellie Caruso.

Keith Purtill Memorial Award for School Contribution – Keely Rich.

Alan Farquhar Award for Industry and Effort (Stages1/ 2) – Phoebe Selleck.

Rotary Club Citizenship Award – Miller Fitzpatrick.

Learning & Support Award – Morgan Dennison and Sam Conallin.

Class awards:

Kinder Echidna: Academic Achievement – Gabriella Crothers and Grace O’Connor; Consistent Effort – Jorja Woolston; Citizenship – Danielle Nicholls; Improvement – Seth Fuess.

K/1 Fraser Island: Academic Achievement – Bentley Hardman and Mason Williams; Consistent Effort – Olivia Armytage; Citizenship – Isabella Sommerfeld; Improvement – Brittany De Travers.

Year 1 Wattle: Academic Achievement – Kayleigh Kotkin-Smith and Eli Purtill; Consistent Effort – Eliza Weir; Citizenship – Claire Hayes; Improvement – Kaiden O’Dell.

Year 1/2 Uluru: Academic Achievement – Amelia Bennett and Ally McKenzie; Consistent Effort – Bailey Doncon; Citizenship – Sophie Redden; Improvement – Mason Beehag.

Year 2 Ningaloo: Academic Achievement – Brianna Hillman and Zara Malin; Consistent Effort – Ryder Perrin; Citizenship – Amity Clarke; Improvement – Matthew Caruso.

Year 2/3 Sand Dunes: Academic Achievement – Liam Ford and Sarah Duffey; Consistent Effort – Saskia Malin; Citizenship – Abbey Doncon; Improvement – Thomas Mohr.

Year 3 Acacia: Academic Achievement – Ava Richards and Maxwell Ferguson; Consistent Effort – Sophie Tilders; Citizenship – Landon Daggett; Improvement – Brody Wills.

Year 4 Kakadu: Academic Achievement – Dakota McKenzie and Chelsea Weir; Consistent Effort – Matilda Whittakers; Citizenship – Austin Armytage; Improvement – Jack Van Lieshout.

Year 4/5 Daintree: Academic Achievement – Curtis Foran and Bryce Lea; Consistent Effort – Kaili Anderson; Citizenship – Jorja Perrin; Improvement – Koby Allitt.

Year 5/6 Barossa: Academic Achievement – Ryan Foran and Joshua Mills; Consistent Effort – Sammantha Flanagan; Citizenship – Shanè Bothma; Improvement – Ben Muirhead.

■South School sports awards in next week’s PT Sport.

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