More effort needed at Deni beach for Easter

January 07, 2018


Great to see so many people enjoying themselves on our beautiful river at McLean Beach.

However, what a disgrace driving down the hill to it, with grass, weeds, thistles two feet high on the side of the road and all the general areas.

It wouldn’t have taken very long to cut it all back and make it much more appealing.

As for the actual beach/sand, a run through with a wire scarifier behind a tractor to clean the sand of glass, bottles, cans and small branches would do wonders as well.

And the children’s enclosure, which doesn’t exist any more because sand was washed up in the last flood partially covering it. What about a digger to take the sand out of that section, posts put in with netting around them so the little ones have a safe enclosure to play in?

An absolute disgrace Edward River Council.

Let’s hope it’s done before Easter, which is Deni’s busiest time.

Yours etc.

Peter Munnerly


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