Beach dog attack

January 09, 2018

Police are investigating an incident where a dog and its owner were reportedly attacked by another dog at Willoughby’s Beach, Deniliquin.

The owner of the injured dog told police he was walking near the beach with his dog on a lead about 9.30am Saturday, when the dog was set upon by another unrestrained dog.

Police said in an effort to protect his dog, the man was left with puncture wounds to his left hand.

His dog suffered an extensive wound requiring treatment.

Police said they have spoken to the female owner of the offending dog and are still investigating the incident.

In the meantime, a police spokesperson said it was imperative that all dog owners keep their animals restrained on a leash while out in public.

Bike stolen

Police are investigating the theft of a ‘Giant’ mountain bike from a Deniliquin caravan park.

The bike was discovered missing on Tuesday, January 2.

Police said it was a timely reminder on the importance of securing vehicles and property at this time of year.

‘‘Stealing and steal from motor vehicle offences increase during the summer holiday period. Please be vigilant,’’ Inspector John Aichinger said.

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