Crash leaves gaping hole in house

February 06, 2018

The car crashed through two large windows, coming to a stop in the backyard.

Emergency services work together to help clean away the debris before the car is removed from the home.

Temporary works to repair a house left with a gaping hole after a car crashed through it on Friday afternoon have already been undertaken.

More permanent works are awaiting final assessments, but in the meantime the occupants have been given approval to remain at the home.

It was only allowed after being cleared by a builder and an electrician.

The car crashed through two large windows at the property about 4pm Friday, and came to a rest in its backyard.

Witnesses at the scene said the car had reversed out of the driveway of the home opposite, crashing through a closed gate before crossing the road.

Remarkably, the car managed to miss a line of trees at the front of the damaged property during the ordeal.

The home’s occupants have declined to speak about the incident with the Pastoral Times, but did want to say ‘‘emergency services were fantastic; we’re lucky to have them’’.

Deniliquin Rescue Squad, Deniliquin NSW Fire & Rescue and Deniliquin Police collaborated to remove the car and secure the damaged home, and said it was surprising no-one was seriously injured.

Deniliquin Rescue Squad Captain Chris Holloway said it could have been a different situation if the home’s occupants were in the loungeroom at the time of the incident.

‘‘It was extremely lucky no-one was seriously injured as one of the couches from the lounge room was underneath the car,’’ Mr Holloway said.

‘‘We used Acrow props and timber to stabilise and shore up the section of the house before we could remove the car.

‘‘We also removed any loose debris with the assistance of NSW Fire & Rescue, and helped with a general tidy up of the glass.

‘‘We train for calls like this but the fact the car had gone through both walls of the home did surprise us a little — there were two large windows on either side.’’

Deniliquin NSW Fire & Rescue Captain Martin Smith said the home’s occupant were quite obviously ‘‘distressed’’ by what had happened.

‘‘They were quite shocked and I dare say in disbelief at what had happened,’’ he said.

‘‘As firefighters left the scene an assessor from Elders Insurance had arrived and was organising a structural engineer.

‘‘It was quite amazing no-one was seriously hurt.’’

Deniliquin Police said the male driver, who they described as elderly, was ‘‘shaken up, but was otherwise uninjured’’ and taken to Deniliquin Hospital by ambulance for observation.

Following the incident, shards of glass, wood and bricks were left covering the lounge room floor. Cabinets from inside the home had to be removed as well.

Once the debris had been cleared, which took about 10 minutes after the Acrow props and timber were put in place, a Deniliquin Rescue Squad member carefully drove the car back through the lounge room to the front yard.

The rear end of the car was crushed, and more remnants of the brick window frames we found on the car.

After the clean-up, Capt Holloway said Deniliquin Rescue Squad members secured tarps to the home as protection from the weather.

Deniliquin Police are continuing their enquiries.

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