Man charged with assaulting police

February 06, 2018

A 27 year-old man has been remanded in custody on a number of charges, including two counts of allegedly assaulting police.

Police said the man was arrested at a Deniliquin hotel on Friday night, after he reportedly spat at staff who refused him entry.

After being called to the hotel by staff about 11.30pm, police said they initially tried to speak with the man but he continued to act aggressively and refused to co-operate.

He was arrested and escorted to the rear of the police truck, at which point police allege the man kicked the arresting officers in the face.

He is also alleged to have threatened their families and continued spitting at police.

Despite continuing to resist, the man was eventually taken to Deniliquin Police Station where it is alleged he continued to spit at police while in the charging room.

The man was charged with eight offences including failing to quit a licensed premises, intimidate police, two counts of assault police, offensive language and resist arrest.

He was bail refused and appeared before court on Saturday, where he was again bail refused to appear at a later date.

Police said a 30 year-old woman who they allege attempted to interfere with the man’s arrest would also be charged with hindering police following the incident.

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