Post-pursuit crash

February 06, 2018

A car which police allege had been involved in a police pursuit through west Deniliquin last week was later found crashed on Wakool Rd.

An 18 year-old Deniliquin man, who police said had injuries consistent with a car crash, was found walking along the road a short distance away.

Deniliquin Police said the crash was discovered just after 2am on January 30, about 30 minutes after police terminated a pursuit of what they believe was the same car.

Police said they observed a Ford Falcon sedan in Wakool Rd as it was approaching Deniliquin about 1.35am. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, however they said the driver refused to pull over and a pursuit was initiated.

They said the pursuit continued on Fowler St, Sloane St, Butler St and eventually turned back onto Wakool Rd.

Speeds allegedly reached 80km/h to 90km/h in 50km/h zones, before police said the pursuit was terminated after two minutes ‘‘due to the danger it presented to police, the driver of the vehicle and the community in general’’.

While patrolling in an effort to find the car, police came across an injured man on Wakool Rd.

He was transported to Deniliquin Hospital by ambulance for treatment to what police described as non life-threatening injuries. It included a suspected concussion, and complaints of lower back soreness.

About 1km away, near the Boltons Rd intersection with Wakool Rd, police said they found a Ford Falcon which they believe had been involved in the pursuit.

Police are still awaiting results of a blood test taken from the man at Deniliquin Hospital.

They said it was anticipated a male would be charged at a later date with associated traffic offences and possibly Sky’s Law, otherwise known as Police Pursuit – Drive Speed/Manner Dangerous.

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