Ernie showcases team dedication

February 07, 2018

Ernie Smith sending his bowl down the green during the roll-up before his mishap.

Deniliquin RSL Bowling Club bowler Ernie Smith demonstrated the love of the sport and his team on Saturday.

Despite being sent off in an ambulance before the match-up with the Deniliquin Bowling Club, he was back at the Bowling Club greens later in the afternoon to cheer on his team.

During the practise roll-up, Ernie had a mishap, splitting his leg on the concrete when falling on his way off the green.

Staff were quick to respond, wrapping up the wound in a cloth until an ambulance arrived.

On his way out, the driver saluted the remaining bowlers with a quick blast of the siren, starting a collective laugh from the bowlers.

Luckily for the rest of Ernie’s team, emergency player John Kemp was on hand at the greens and was able to step in.

Following the day’s play, Ernie was able to show off the seven stitches which patched up the wound.

Bowling returns

Deniliquin bowlers were finally able to take to the greens on Saturday, after two weeks off due to the heat.

With the weather topping only 32.6°C, the temperature was more than 10°C cooler than January 20 temperatures and almost 6°C cooler than last Saturday’s top of 38.1°C — which was originally forecast to be 40°C or above.

The cooler conditions allowed the the Deniliquin Bowling Club to host three games at home, including one against neighbours Deniliquin RSL.

In an added bonus for the Deniliquin Bowling Club, two of their three teams were victorious.

More in today’s PT Sport.

Cool change ends

Still on that heat, our reprieve has ended.

After more than a week of mild temperatures in the low to mid 30s, we’re in for five days straight of the mercury pushing towards 40°C.

It begins today with a forecast top temperature of 38°C, followed by 39°C tomorrow and 40°C on Thursday. The temperature will stay high with 39°C predicted for Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday the top is expected to drop 10°C to 29°C

Extreme UV indexes are predicted every day until the weekend.

Big Bash praise

Deniliquin received a some airplay during the high rating Big Bash cricket semi-final on Thursday night, thanks to one of our ‘famous sons’, Adam Gilchrist.

His fellow commentators thought match star Dan Christian was from Deniliquin which, as Gilchrist explained, ‘‘is the town where I attended primary school’’.

Discussion continued about the ‘Do It In Deni’ slogan and its rabbits, with a brief mention of the Ute Muster, before it was determined that Christian was, in fact, from Narrandera.

Close enough, because in the meantime Deni received a decent plug.

Weekly appearance

Wanganella’s John and Susie Wallace were the ‘page 3 feature’, including a delightful photograph, in last Wednesday’s Weekly Times.

The local couple were snapped at the Deniliquin sheep sale by Dale Webster, who returned to her old stomping ground.

Dale, you may recall, was one of the first festival directors of the Deni Ute Muster.

John, not surprisingly, was looking pretty happy.

His young ewes had made $220 when sold before Christmas and, as he said, the present high prices are “reward for people like us who have stuck with the sheep industry through the drought and tough years”.

Site query

A reader questioned why we have not reported on the unkempt state of the former KFC site, in Hardinge St.

The answer: No reason. It hadn’t previously been brought to our attention.

As she pointed out, there was quite a hullaballoo when the site was in poor condition while still in KFC’s ownership.

Now it’s in similar sorry state but in local ownership, so why shouldn’t the same apply and pressure brought to bear to have it cleaned up, especially as it’s in a prime position on the major thoroughfare through town?

Church works

It’s not just around the Globe Hotel that fences have popped up in the Deniliquin CBD.

Some high fences have also been placed around the entrance to the Deniliquin Baptist Church in Edwardes St, promoting some people to ask ‘what’s happening?’

Pastor Chris Taylor said the work is not related to the recent storm which tore the roof off the hotel and forced its balcony to collapse.

Rather, its for protection during installation of a permanent disabled access ramp.

Meanwhile work continues on the Globe, which has included demolition of the historic balcony.

Back to school

The rest of the region’s young minds return to the classroom today, signalling the official end of the summer school holidays.

It also means the school zone speed limits are in place again.

Some schools have the flashing lights system in place as a reminder to slow down, but it is important for all motorists to be aware.

All school zones have a 40km/h speed limit, which must be obeyed during the peak hours of 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm.

Drivers are also cautioned that parking in standing zones at drop-off and pick-up times is against the law.

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