Peacocks inspire real spirit

February 07, 2018


I want to thank all those people who signed the three petitions to save the Waring Gardens Aviary and peacocks and everyone who has helped in this campaign.

We should know the results of our joint efforts soon as council will make its decision based on the community feedback this month.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries in its own research into animal and bird exhibits in 2014, found that after going to the movies, visiting an animal exhibition was the second most popular cultural activity, providing that the animals are in appropriate surroundings and well looked after.

We don’t have movies in Deni any more so the Waring Gardens Aviary is our number one cultural asset, so we need to keep it and make it even better for the birds.

With only short notice and a few helpers we collected most of our 500 signatures in two days.

This is a significant number of ‘yes’ votes as that’s all it takes to get a seat on council and decide your fate and that of our heritage.

Most signatures came from people pushing trolleys full of food and goods as well as staff at both supermarkets so a big thanks to Coles and IGA. You were fantastic!

Special thanks also to Yvonne Trotter, Jan and Lindsay Renwick, Dot Mathewson, Betty Matthews, Karen Hay and Rosa Purtill for helping out.

And a very special big thank you to Mick Cochrane whose amazing offer to look after the birds at his own expense is what what I call ‘community spirit’, and isn’t that what being a member of Deni community is all about?

We could not have done it without the support and informative articles from the Pastoral Times which has supported this community since 1859 and hopefully will do so for many years to come.

Yours etc.

Suzy Keys


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