Ridiculous rules around peacocks

February 17, 2018


The ongoing peacock saga seems to continue and has created so much attention.

It seems the public have an overwhelming interest in it.

I read last week, and I quote, that it costs over $4000 to get a Certificate III captive animal licence which takes up to two years to complete and then an additional 100 hours at a zoo to learn how to tip pellets correctly into a bowl and must be done by two qualified personnel — I’m guessing one to hold the bowl.

I’m sure a six year-old child could manage this task without a degree in animal husbandry. Once again where is the common sense?

Let’s talk about food for the peacocks.

Peacocks eat a quality turkey mix consuming around 10kg a week, which is 520kg a year which is approximately 12 bags a year, approximately $25 a bag, and if my maths is correct this totals $300 per peacock, or two peacocks $600 a year.

I read last week and I quote again it will cost $10,000 a year to feed and care for the birds; I do wonder about that.

Let’s talk caring.

Quite simple really, a daily check for food, water and enclosure kept clean and tidy. It’s not rocket science really, but common sense, until you need a PHD in enclosure hygiene.

A new enclosure/extension may well keep the do-gooders happy, but $30,000 seems far too much. They do not need the Taj Mahal, just more space well laid out with native shrubs and ground cover - cost around $15,000 - common sense there.

The peacock issue is an insignificant burden to put on the council that have far more issues to address. It is us, the public, that brought the peacock issue to the council’s attention.

PS - this article is not directed to council nor staff to whom I know many; they do a wonderful job in our community.

They have to follow the rules and protocol handed down to them by the powers to be.

This article is however directed to the do-gooders and sidekicks which make a simple issue a near impossible task with their ridiculous rules and regulations; I ask the question again, why doesn’t common sense prevail?

Yours etc.

Michael Cochrane


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