Isabella Hunter Snapshot

February 20, 2018

Name: Isabella Hunter.

Age: 19.

Occupation: Nextra sales assistant.

Favourite sporting team: St Kilda.

Where were you born: Deniliquin.

Who do you find most inspiring: My sister Maddie.

What was your childhood ambition: To be famous.

What is your most prized possession: McLeod’s Daughters book set.

If you could invite three people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would they be: Val Thompson, Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall.

Last movie you saw: Fifty Shades.

Favourite holiday destination: Bright.

Favourite meal and drink: Chips and Coke.

What are you doing this weekend: Hanging out with friends.

Something people might not know: I’m really short.

If I won lotto I would: Do everything!

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