WaterNSW predict 2m river at Easter

February 21, 2018

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‘‘It is expected the river level at Deniliquin will increase in early March as irrigation demand increases,’’ the spokesperson said.

‘‘However, from mid-March demand will reduce and as such the flow and level will recede.

‘‘Determining the level at Easter is a challenge this far in advance, but our expectation is that the river will be no lower than the current level, unless we have a significant rainfall event that ceases irrigation demand.

‘‘WaterNSW is well aware of the value to regional communities of recreational use, and works with local communities to provide outcomes where possible. However, at times provision of ideal river conditions is simply not achievable due to operational limits and regulatory parameters.

‘‘The river is managed to meet irrigation and consumptive water demands. We generally see a peak in demand in early January as was the case this year, and then a decrease in demand beginning mid-January. This gradual reduction usually continues through February, as occurred this year.

‘‘Two things have happened as a result: flow past Deniliquin has reduced, and it has been necessary to lower the Stevens Weir pool level. The lowering of the weir pool was necessary due to the risk of inundating private land and the risk of damaging river-regulating infrastructure.’’

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