Footballer of the Year Terms & Conditions

April 06, 2018

Terms & conditions for the weekly 'Local Footballer of the Year' Harvey Norman Deniliquin Voucher giveaway:

  1. Entry coupons must be original copies form the Pastoral Times newspaper and filled in correctly. Photocopies will not be accepted. Individuals can enter the weekly promotions as many times as they like.
  2. Entry coupons must be submitted in the entry box at Harvey Norman Deniliquin by no later than 1pm each Saturday during the home and away season.
  3. The promotion is for the duration of the 2018 Murray and Picola leagues’ home and away season only.
  4. Weekly reader winners will be announced in the following Tuesday’s Pastoral Times.
  5. Entry coupons are only valid for one week and do not roll over into the following week.
  6. The first entry coupon drawn from the entry box each week will receive the $100 Harvey Norman Deniliquin voucher. If the footballer listed on the entry coupon receives a ‘3’ vote for their respective club in that weekend’s game, the prize voucher is doubled to $200.
  7. Vouchers can only be redeemed at Harvey Norman Deniliquin.

Terms & conditions for Harvey Norman Deniliquin ‘Local Footballer of the Year’ voting:

  1. Local Footballer of the Year votes are submitted by individual clubs and may not necessarily correspond with league or club best and fairest votes.
  2. The competition is for senior football only and involves only players from Deni Rams (Murray League) and Deni Rovers, Blighty, and Mathoura (all Picola League).
  3. Voting will be tallied each week of the home and away rounds.
  4. Should two or more footballers receive the same number of votes after the 18 rounds in the Footballer of the Year voting, the player with the highest number of ‘three’ votes will be declared the winner. Should two or more footballers then have the same number of ‘three’ votes, the prize voucher will be split between them.

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