Unity is paramount for our regions to prosper

April 11, 2018

Can the importance of unity be emphasised too greatly? We think not.

Regardless of which organisation or team in which you are involved, it cannot reach its potential without a united approach.

In the federal sphere we have a government which struggles with its own unity, as issues and differences of opinion within threaten to limit its days in power.

Egotistical individuals put personal priorities to the forefront, instead of concentrating on the ‘greater good’.

Locally, it is an issue with which some organisations have been beset for years.

In local government we once had a divided Deniliquin Council when the divisions were cast aside the council, and the community it was charged with representing, were able to move forward.

In farming circles the ability to cast aside personal differences and work for the common good has not yet been achieved.

The ongoing hubris within Murray Irrigation Ltd highlights how disunity can continue to hinder progress and prosperity.

Last year the company’s board of directors stood down amid claims of dysfunction, coupled with more than its share of egotism (which resulted in battered egos).

If last week’s extraordinary general meeting is a guide the disunity, which was at the heart of the ‘dysfunction’, is far from being solved.

Unfortunately in this industry the issue stretches further than the board room.

As our region battles to overcome the impacts being faced by ill-conceived government water policy, those who should be showing a united approach to confronting the challenges are letting the community down.

While we get public spruiking to the contrary, the reality is starkly different. Various organisations are at loggerheads, personality clashes dominate decision making and attempts by some who know the importance of building unity are quashed.

Last week former Prime Minister John Howard implored the ‘rank and file’ of the Liberal Party that he led so effectively to unite behind their leader. He knows that failure to do this will almost certainly result in defeat.

Whether the current Prime Minister can lead and develop this unity is problematic, as he finds it difficult to work closely with those who have differing views on various issues.

Likewise, in our region we have leaders in the irrigation industry who choose to ignore, even castigate, those with differing views.

Not only do we lack genuine effort to get everyone working in a united manner. Even worse, we have so-called ‘leaders’ who are content to at best ignore or accept, and at times it would appear even encourage, disharmony among those who should be on the same team.

Our region would be better served if understanding the importance of unity became a major priority.

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