Local and cultural flavour for Storytime

April 13, 2018

Leticia Ross (left) and Daryll Bellingham from Yarkuwa with Edward Bliss, Jett Boyer and Lily McNeill at the special Storytime.

An attentive audience of more than 30 young children were involved in what is hoped to be the first of many special Storytime activities which celebrate the local Aboriginal culture.

Deniliquin Library invited Daryll Bellingham and Leticia Ross from Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre to host Storytime on Wednesday, to share its new book Kawir & Kuthun.

Produced by Yarkuwa and incorporating local artwork, it re-tells the famed Emu & Brolga in both English and local Wamba Wamba language.

Mr Bellingham said the session allowed them to explore the main themes of the book — sharing and friendship — as well as the local Aboriginal culture.

‘‘With that age group we read mainly in English, but we threw in a few Wamba Wamba words,’’ he said.

‘‘We created a brand new story with the audience based on another animal, the owl, and a plant, which we called Old Man Weed.

‘‘We also made a song using the first two lines of the book which tell us that Emu and Brolga are good friends.

‘‘The children all knew the emu but not the brolga, so it was nice to introduce them to another local bird.’’

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