Awards for deserving Rotarians

April 19, 2018

Di Hand and Denise Phillips received awards for 25 years of service to Deniliquin Rotary.

When Denise Phillips and Di Hand joined the Deniliquin Rotary Club 25 years ago, they were among the club’s first female members.

Both have been invaluable contributors to the club, its events and the community, and both were recently honoured for that service.

Receiving 25 year service awards adds to the accolades Mrs Phillips and Mrs Hand have earned as Rotarians, with both also recipients of the Paul Harris Fellowship for their outstanding service.

‘‘I think Rotary is a wonderful worldwide organisation,’’ Mrs Phillips said.

‘‘I love being a volunteer and helping people in the community.

‘‘Both my mother and father were involved members of the club, which was one of the reasons I decided to join.

‘‘In my time at the club I have been president, the second lady president after Marie Drennan. There have been no more (lady presidents) since.

‘‘Next year (2018/2019) I will be vice president, and co-ordinating the programs.’’

Mrs Hand described Deniliquin Rotary Club as a ‘‘humble and helpful club to the community’’, and one she is proud to have an association with.

‘‘It’s a truly wonderful organisation and I am happy to be member,’’ she said.

‘‘I really enjoy all the things we do, especially our charity work.

‘‘I joined on March 15, 1993 and since then I have always been involved in Rotary events.

‘‘I have been treasurer many times, but have also worked as foundation director and membership director, and look forward to my new position as secretary in the 2018/2019 year.’’

Deniliquin Rotary Club meets every Monday night. Anyone interested in learning more about the club can phone Mrs Phillips on 58815771.

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