Couple’s gypsy wagon holiday

May 15, 2018

Mary and Rob Lees with their Clydesdale horses Jack (16 years old) and Ged (6).

Deniliquin’s Mary and Rob Lees are again turning heads with their colourful ‘gypsy wagon’.

For 12 years the couple have been using their horse drawn wagon — along with their two dogs, Buckles and Barkley — for their holidays.

Usually travelling three to four times a year, this time they are staying close to home for a week’s camping near Pretty Pine.

‘‘The furthest we’ve travelled in the wagon is about 500km where we just cruised around. We’ve also travelled to Hay, all up and down the Murrumbidgee River, to Barham and Broken Creek. But we hope when retirement hits we’ll be able to do this a lot more.’’ Rob said.

‘‘On our travels we see so many people drive past us with their phone held up to the glass for a photo, or they stop and take a look.’’

Mary and Rob said they have always been horse people, but when their friends in Victoria decided to do the same thing, they thought they might give it a go.

‘‘My family have always worked with draught horses on my childhood farm in Queensland,’’ Rob said.

‘‘My mum specifically has worked and rode on a cart all her life.

‘‘We now live on a five acre farm on the edge of Deniliquin where we look after these gorgeous horses, but we only use them for our personal enjoyment.’’

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