Peppin win a thriller

May 30, 2018

Peppin Planners/TA Maher claimed a thrilling one set win over Taskers Battlers/Elders in Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club’s night competition on Wednesday.

Scores were level heading into the mixed sets with Taskers winning the men’s four sets to three and Peppin victorious in the ladies’ sets (3-2).

The sides went into the final set of the day at eight apiece, with Peppin claiming the victory nine sets (54 games) to eight (45).

Both sides had two three-set winners; Peppin’s Will Bull and Kim Wettenhall and Taskers’ John Sibree and Anthony Miclich.

Ladder leader Agspares were once again victorious, winning 11 sets (50 games) to six (40) against Legal Eagles.

Agspares were dominant in the men’s (5-2 sets) and women’s (4-1), sealing the victory before the mixed sets.

Legal Eagles turned things around in the mixed sets, claiming three to two, but the damage was already done.

Alan Wragge played in and won four sets for Agspares, with Rowena Jackson also not dropping a set to be a three set winner.


A come from behind victory by Slazenger was the highlight of the Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club’s Tuesday ladies competition last week.

Trailing Babolat three sets to one, Slazenger picked up the final two sets to edge their way in front three sets all, 28 games to 24.

There were no three set winners in the match.

Yonex defeated Wilson, four sets (29 games) to two sets (24). Edwina Knox was the lone three-set winner.

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