Recycling cans assists cancer group

June 08, 2018

Sophie and Lachie Tritton donated to CanAssist when they recycled their cans and bottles in Deniliquin.

Locals using the ‘Return and Earn’ machines at Deniliquin’s Central IGA supermarket can now donate their recycling refund to a local charity.

Deniliquin’s CanAssist Branch has been approved as a temporary donation partner until August 26.

The ‘Return and Earn’ NSW container deposit scheme was rolled out late last year in an effort to reduce litter across the state.

As part of the deposit scheme, a fundraising opportunity was created for schools, charities, community and sporting groups to become donation partners, giving their local community the opportunity to donate to their cause.

CanAssist Deniliquin Branch co-ordinator Sarah Tritton has been the driving force behind gaining the local branch’s authorisation for the program.

The group is hoping this will be an easy and accessible way for the community to get involved in donating to the cancer charity.

‘‘We are thrilled to have been approved to be the local donation partner,’’ she said.

‘‘This is a great way for the community to be able to use recycling for a good cause and we’ve been working hard to open up the opportunity.

‘‘It is a simple process. You just bring in your glass, plastic, aluminium or paperboard drink containers and insert them into the machine.

‘‘With each container deposit you earn a 10c refund and if you select the ‘donate’ option you will be able to choose Deniliquin CanAssist.

‘‘Any donation of over $2 will be issued with a receipt to claim a tax deduction.’’

Since forming in January last year, CanAssist Deniliquin Branch has raised more than $89,000 and distributed $25,000 back to 32 patients in the local area who have needed support while receiving cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, controversy still surrounds the recycling scheme with concerns that local businesses and jobs are suffering due to its implementation, and failure of government to address cross border issues.

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