65 years in love

By Olivia Duffey

A simple lunch at Navorina Nursing Home is how Jessie and Walter Beer chose to spend their 65th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Mrs Beer is 90 and now a resident at the home, and the 86 year-old Mr Beer travels in from the family property at Mayrung as often as he can to spend time with his beloved wife.

‘‘I have treasured every moment of my life with her,’’ Mr Beer said.

‘‘65 years is quite an achievement, but we have never thought about any of that.

‘‘We’re still just taking each day as it comes. You just keep going.’’

Walter and Jessie on their wedding day in 1955.

The Beers were married on February 19, 1955 in a small church in Eskdale, in the Mitta Valley.

‘‘It was quite warm, a typical summer’s day,’’ Mr Beer recalled.

‘‘There were abut 80 guests and the reception was held at the Eskdale hall.’’

Mrs Beer wore a full length satin gown with long satin sleeves and a lace collar, her small figure surrounded by a large, layered tulle skirt with ribbon sewn into it and a long veil.

Mr Beer wore a navy blue wool suit with a grey tie, which he still has in his wardrobe.

Mrs Beer’s bridesmaids were her sister Kathleen and Mr Beer’s sister Roberta, and Mr Beer was attended by his brother Alan and Mrs Beer’s brother John.

The pair married one year after they started dating, but they had known each other for many years before that first official date in 1954.

‘‘We were at a social dance in Ferndale when the rest of my party wanted to go to another dance in Tallangatta,’’ Mr Beer said.

‘‘I said to them I didn’t want to go without a girlfriend, and so I had Jessie come along.

‘‘We had known each other for some years, living just 20km apart, but that night is when we officially started dating and we have been together ever since.’’

The Beers moved to Mayrung in 1962.

They have six children — Beverley, James, Norman, Victor, Laurie and Glen — and have 15 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.