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May start for Cressy works

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The reconstruction of Cressy Street and Waring Gardens is expected to start in early May.

Victorian based company Quarrell Civil Construction will conduct both projects at the same time and are expected to have them completed by October.

The Cressy St works will take place between Edwardes St and Hardinge St and will include road reconstruction, footpath renewal, watermain replacement and landscaping works.

The Waring Gardens work will include  the creation of a promenade entrance off Cressy St; the replacement of the existing bridge over the lagoon; upgrades to the amenities and playground; the removal of the wisteria from the water fountain; the addition of arbours to the Cressy St side of the garden for the old wisteria cuttings to grow from; and the replacement of a dead Lone Pine tree.

Edward River Council will soon start consultations with the affected Cressy St businesses to create a support plan to minimise the impact of the works on their operations.

‘‘We will be having meetings with the affected businesses in the next fortnight to look at providing similar support to what was provided to Napier St businesses when similar works were conducted last year,’’ director of infrastructure Oliver McNulty said.

‘‘In the current climate we are unable to meet with the businesses in a big group, but we are reviewing when and how we will meet with smaller groups to achieve the same outcome and give them the opportunity to ask council any questions about the projects.”

Edward River Council have said works will also impact pedestrian and vehicle access during the construction period and are taking steps to minimise this.

‘‘Again, we will be taking a similar approach to how the Napier St works were conducted, but it is subject to final agreements with the contractors,’’ Mr McNulty said.

‘‘What we have suggested is to split the road down the middle so the contractor will possibly install the medium and do one side of the street at a time to keep traffic moving one way, rather than closing off the whole street.

‘‘However, we have several options we can take to minimise the impact on pedestrians and vehicles.

‘‘We are excited to start works and deliver another great project to boost the appearance of the CBD and provide an economic stimulus boost.’’