God reminds us what’s important

By Riverine Herald

IS IT worth it?

At this point in December you might be beginning to wonder if it is all worth it. It is such a busy time.

Carols events, school events, Christmas parties, shopping, Christmas with this side of the family and with the other side coming soon, planning Christmas lunch, managing the hectic traffic and that constant feeling of something that you are forgetting, which is probably that Kris Kringle gift.

This logistical list would be challenging enough, but we also have the social emotional list of strained family relationships (inevitable when you consider how difficult it is to manage our own relationships let alone everyone else from both sides of the family), budgeting, but also feeling the pull to meet the desires of your children or expectations of relatives.

When the focus is on the events, presents, food and the clock, the worth of everything is diminished. In my house keeping a focus on Jesus helps us to keep all the other Christmassy things having worth.

There is a wonderful line in the Christmas Carol O Holy Night “till he [our Saviour] appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

In Jesus, God reminds us that it is people who are important.

He did after all become one of us. Why?

In a world that is less than it often should be, Jesus reminds us of what is important.

Loving the God who made us and loving the people he brings into our lives.

He comes to restore us to God (for the church Christmas isn’t the event that ends the year, we are just at the beginning because the child grows into the man Jesus who goes on to die on the cross for the sin of the world) and others.

Events are there as opportunities to discover our worth by loving our family and communities.

Gift giving is an opportunity to show you care for others. Use it as an opportunity to teach your children to think of others first and to appreciate what they receive with thankfulness.

We really do lived blessed lives.

Use the meal as an opportunity to find joy in family by putting their needs before your own.

Pray for those in the world who won’t enjoy the safety and security you do.

Show patience on the road as your act of kindness for the community.

The worth of each of these actions isn’t found in their extravagance, but in the simple fact that people are involved.

God in Jesus gave up heaven for people. He took on humanity for people.

He eventually gave his life for all people.

When we care for people we are mirroring the heart of God. But know this, it is not just other people God came for, he came for you.

He wants you to know your worth. Jesus is our reminder that we are worth everything to God.

Coming to Jesus we find a thrill of hope and a weary world rejoices.

Tim Bowles


Moama Anglican Grammar