Blues might yet reach September

By Andrew Johnston

BY NO means is it perfect, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

But a win is a win, and Tongala now has a fourth on the year.

The Blues broke through for victory against fellow bottom six side Tungamah to improve their 2019 record and move to tenth on the ladder, just a game outside the top eight.

If the Blues pushed into the eight, it would be something of an overachievement for where the team has been so far this season, but not one which is undeserved.

The growth of the side is a work in progress, as the club itself has been very clear about.

Tongala coach Caddison Mulholland has this group working towards something which will hopefully be very good in the next few years as the group gets more adjusted to playing together and to the new game style.

But this is going to take time, it’s too early to expect the Blues to be an immediate contender.

But wins coming here and there is a huge bonus for the young side, such as this five goal victory.

They will keep happening, and it may even see the Blues win enough games to sneak into a finals spot come the end of the season.

It would be a huge boost of confidence for the Blues, and further evidence they are on the right track.

They have a tough match this week against Mulwala, which should be a good test for the side.

Mulholland was unable to be contacted by the Riv.