Previous records still stand

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The Deni Ute Muster holds two Guinness World Records — for the most utes gathered in the one place and for its blue singlet count — but neither could be toppled this year despite great attendance.

The World Record Ute Count still stands at 9736 utes, which was recorded in 2013 when American country music legend Alan Jackson headlined at the event.

This year’s count of just over 7000 is still up there among the best though, having only been beaten in 2013, 2010 and 2008.

This year’s Blue Single Count was an impressive 2998, but not quite enough to replace the record of 3959.

But the crowd sure had a fun time while attempting to beat the 2015 singlet record.

Participants donned blue singlets in many forms, from the smallest junior sizes on little ones to the Ute Muster’s ‘Roo’d’ wearing the iconic singlet.

Spotted in the crowd was a true blue muster patron wearing an original singlet from 1999.

Pushed to the front to the stage, all eyes were on the worn-out singlet, all faded and ripped from its time at the muster over the years with the man stating he’d never washed it and showed no indication he was planning to.

Ute Muster general manager Vicky Lowry said they may not have broken records this year but it’s given organisers something to strive for in their 21st year.

‘‘We thought we had a huge crowd (for the singlet count) at first glance but when we added the numbers up we had fewer than we expected.

‘‘We sold over 7000 singlets through the year and at the muster, so we’re not quite sure where they all were, but there’s always next year.’’

Ute Muster feature band ‘The Pigs’ and comedian Pete Denahy entertained the crowd during the count.

‘‘Pete is such a funny guy and he’s MC’d the count for many years. ‘The Pigs’ were also great and wore their blue singlets, adding to the final tally,’’ Mrs Lowry said.