Nissan car rally has right drive to succeed

By Vanessa Wiltshire

JUST days after Heathcote on Show, the town welcomed further crowds (albeit smaller) for round three of the 2019 Victorian Club Rally Series — the 2019 German Tecknik Nissan Night Moves.

Nissan Car Club, who organises the event, said the multi-club, non-special stage rally was ‘‘renowned for tight twisty roads, wide-open flat-out roads and the infamous Heathcote Stumps’’.

Held at the Heathcote Showgrounds, Nissan Car Club and Clerk of Course director Cary Seabrook said 39 vehicles competed over 140km of driving.

‘‘Each car has a navigator and a driver,’’ she said.

‘‘They do around 140kms of competitive driving, right up to Redcastle and into the One Eye forest.’’

The Nissan Night Moves event has been running since 1977 and has been coming to Heathcote for five years.

The event is the primary fundraiser for the Heathcote SES unit, who sell up to 400 sausages, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks over a 14-hour period.

Member Melanie Thompson said the event was a great way to raise much needed funds for the unit.

“It’s a huge effort but it’s one of our best fundraisers,’’ she said.

‘‘Everything we make goes directly back into the SES and the work that we do.’’