Two cubs honoured with Grey Wolf award

By Kyabram Free Press

IF YOU go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise.

Or at least, two little surprises.

Grade five Lancaster Primary School Students Will McLean and Isabelle Mioni are proud recipients of the Grey Wolf Award, the pinnacle of Cub Scout achievements.

They’ve knotted, organised, camped and hiked their way to the prestigious award, completing a number of hurdles over the last year to make the cut.

Will said his favourite was the hike that he planned, organised and led.

‘‘I’m really proud of myself because not that many kids get it,’’ he said.

‘‘The hardest part was planning the hike, because there were so many different options. We walked from Jordan’s Bend to Mooroopna, it was two hours. Then we got maccas.’’

Isabelle said she was happy with her big achievement.

‘‘I love all the opportunities we get and stuff we get to do, like learning knots. One of the hardest things was getting everything done before I turned 11, because you have to do that to get the award,’’ she said.

The Grey Wolf requires an overnight camp and skill development including using a map and basic first aid.

Isabelle and Will also had to come up with their very own ‘gadgets’ — Will built a stretcher and Isabelle built a swing.

Cath Pell, group leader of the first Kyabram scout group, said the children had worked incredibly hard.

‘‘I’m really proud and have seen how much both of them have challenged themselves,’’ she said.

‘‘Scouts gives people the opportunity to do things they’ve never done before, become leaders and push themselves.’’