Invest in rams to lift profits

By Country News

The time is right for sheep producers to capitalise on record high lamb and wool prices by investing in genetic and big data technologies, which are continuing to come down in price.

The Sheep CRC has reduced the price for studs, listing their catalogues on — a website designed to assist ram buyers to find and rank rams based on Australian Sheep Breeding Values that match their own breeding objective.

It follows on from the announcement of lower prices for sheep geno-typing and DNA flock profile tests.

Sheep CRC industry engagement co-ordinator Lu Hogan said producers had a lot of factors moving in the right direction to help them position their flocks for profit in the years ahead.

‘‘Improved genetics is the best way to make the most of the good prices currently on offer to sheep producers and set a platform for future productivity,’’ Mrs Hogan said.

‘‘By buying better rams the benefits will start to flow with the first drop of lambs.

‘‘But in order to know what ‘better’ means you have to benchmark your flock or rams’ genetic merit so you know where you are starting from and exactly what genetics you are looking for at ram buying time.

‘‘The two best ways to accurately and objectively benchmark your flock are the ram team average ASBVs available through the RamSelect, or to undertake DNA Flock Profile testing.’’

With optimism in the industry and an increasing number of breeders adopting these technologies — DNA test sales have doubled in the past 12 months — stud breeders are also being encouraged not to miss out on the opportunity.

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