St Mick’s students ‘Sock it to Poverty’

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

St Michael’s Primary School held a ‘Sock it to Poverty’ event during their Mission Day fundraiser on Friday.

Every year St Michael’s supports the Catholic Mission Appeal, and this time students were asked to bring a gold coin donation to wear their crazy socks to school.

The fundraiser involved many activities throughout the day including a gumboot throw, an event where students had the chance to throw a soaked sponge at a Year 6 student, pin the tail on the donkey, balloon race and laser maze.

Organiser Hannah Price said this year’s theme was ‘healing a nation through education’, focusing on the importance of education as a path to dignity, opportunity and peace for the people of Myanmar, in Southeast Asia. ‘‘Fundraising for these causes teaches students about social justice issues, compassion and empathy, while also enjoying a fun day at the school.

‘‘Each class came up with a fun activity for students to participate in on the day. Students also had to pay for each activity which goes towards the fundraiser, as an opportunity for students to learn about managing their money.’’