Police reinforce ‘‘lock your car’’ message

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Police have recently attended five thefts from unlocked vehicles in four days.

Police have issued warnings in recent weeks about the rising number of car break-ins, alongside the message to ensure residents lock their cars.

Deniliquin Police Senior Constable Peter Joice said the spate was due to people ‘helping’ theft happen due to a lack of care.

‘‘It’s pretty simple to lock your car.

‘‘Even though locking your car doesn’t guarantee it will not be broken into, it’s definitely a deterrent because burglars are more unlikely to draw unnecessary attention to themselves compared with opening an unlocked car.

Recent incidents have occurred in areas of east, west and north Deniliquin, and around the town’s CBD.

Cigarettes and wallet contents were all stolen from each of the five break-ins from Saturday, November 3 to Tuesday, November 6.

‘‘(There) should not be any valuable items visible or better still, none in your car at all to tempt theft.’’


An 18-year-old Deniliquin man has been arrested and charged with disguising with intent and being in possession of ‘break and enter’ equipment.

On Saturday, November 3, police were called to a Cressy St business after a group of men were found on top of the roof of the establishment.

Police located the gentlemen, where the man was found hiding behind a raised water tank with a homemade balaclava and hook with string.

The man has broken his prior bail restrictions after associating with one of the fellow men in the group and will appear in court on December 4.


A 36-year-old Deniliquin woman was found stealing a beer from a residence in east Deniliquin on Friday, November 2.

At 5.30pm, the woman broke into the home through the unlocked front door, police say.

Making her way through to the kitchen it is alleged she helped herself to the alcoholic beverage.

When the home’s occupants arrived home they found the woman making her way out of the residence and fled.

At 7.30pm, the woman was located on Wick St and taken to the Deniliquin police station where she was charged with theft and breaking and entering.


A cannabis leaf and bong has been seized from a residence near the town CBD on Friday, November 2, police say.

Police attended the residence of the 39-year-old for an unrelated matter and upon inspection they found the illegal items.


A 42-year-old man was was found urinating in a Napier St laneway on Tuesday, November 6.

At 5.10pm, the known man was caught by a shop holder and rang police.

The man was charged for the public offence.