Lindy to showcase her artistic outlet

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin’s Lindy Clark is one of three guest artists who will be featured at the Rotary Deniliquin Easter Art Exhibition this year.

Ms Clark is the woman behind ‘Lindy’s Rox’, colourful ‘kindness rocks’ that are often found scattered around the local community.

The 45 year-old has been practising art full-time for eight years, as a personal outlet for her emotions.

‘‘I started painting the rocks and all sorts of things that come from nature,’’ she said.

‘‘I was going through a hard time so I decided to express these emotions within paintings, as I have always loved to create and I love to use bright colours.

‘‘Once people saw what I was doing they encouraged me to put it on Facebook and soon enough I was selling my work, not just locally but Australia wide and internationally.’’

Ms Clark uses a variety of mixed media on rocks, feathers, wood and recyclable canvases.

‘‘I like using items close to nature to reiterate the importance of awareness in issues surrounding our environment.

‘‘I’m currently doing a lot of coral and reef paintings that have an underlying pollution message.

‘‘I definitely think that the environment inspires my paintings and the mediums that I use; nature is full of colours, shapes and textures which I find really interesting.’’

Ms Clark first got involved in the Rotary Easter Art Exhibition two years ago when she approached the Edward River Art Society to enter her non-traditional pieces.

‘‘I put a feather in and some other works and it won an award, so that really spurred me on to think I could take this further.

‘‘I now attend the Wednesday night Art After Dark, where I am regularly inspired by local artists and enjoy the supportive environment they provide.

‘‘I also work with elderly, children and the disabled to teach how art can help you express yourself and the benefits of having fun with it.’’

Ms Clark said the kindness rocks started as a project she could share with her son, so they could ‘‘help make someone’s day a little brighter’’.

‘‘Ethan loves helping me with the kindness rocks. I put down what I want to get out and in the end they might just make someone’s day better, and that’s why I do it.

‘‘My son and I go out and it allows me to teach him about his environment as well as giving back to the community.

‘‘Through this we have met more people and the rocks get spread around town.

‘‘When we get thank you messages, it makes Ethan so happy to see that we have affected someone in a positive way.

‘‘We have had locals message or we will see it on Facebook, but we have also had a few go overseas.’’

Ms Clark says she wants to further her community involvement and help others find relief like she has.

‘‘I want to tell people that anyone can give it a go, just do it and create colours. I think it is something that can really make people happy, seeing art, creating art and sharing art.’’

The Rotary Easter Art Exhibition will be held in the Deniliquin Multi Arts Centre, in Cressy St, from Good Friday, April 19 to Easter Monday, April 22, after a gala opening evening on April 18.

During the course of the long weekend, Ms Clark will showcase samples of her art and create some in front of viewers.

Entries for the art show are being accepted until March 29. Entry forms can be found at

There is a total prize pool of $12,400, which includes a number of acquisitive prizes and a Local Artist award offering three prizes, valued at $500, $300 and $200 respectively.

There are nine other sections, each offering a prize of $600 – Portraits and people; Abstract, Symbolic imagery in any medium; Waterscapes, seas, rivers lakes and more; Landscapes, including country and city; Still Life, structured and unstructured; Fauna, both fur and feather; Miniature and Small Paintings; Sculpture, 3D works in any medium; and Photography.