Stay fire safe in cooler weather

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

NSW Fire & Rescue is calling on all residents to help firefighters ensure you and your family stay safe over winter.

It says if everyone does their bit to minimise the risks in your home, we can all stay safer together.

Some of the following tips will help reduce fire risks:

■Keep everything one metre away from your heater.

■If you suspect a fault, have the heater serviced or replaced.

■Ensure flues and chimneys are regularly cleaned.

■Never use wheat bags in bed.

■Store your electric blanket safely – roll don’t fold.

■Turn off electric blankets and heaters when you’re not at home and before getting into bed.

■Keep looking when cooking and never leave cooking in the kitchen unattended.

■Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer before or after each use.

■Don’t leave the dryer operating when you’re not home.

■Avoid the use of external heating equipment inside your homes – this type of equipment is not suitable for indoor use and can lead to a build up of carbon monoxide which could be fatal.

You should also make sure you have a home escape plan, and practice it so everyone knows how to get out.

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