Sheep sale report

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

A few more lambs came forward for Tuesday’s sale, but sheep numbers remained low in another limited winter yarding.

Some extra buyers attended but found it difficult to get a start amid strong competition for any decent lambs with weight and fat cover.

Price trends were dearer for the lead runs of heavy trade weight lambs, while quality was often an issue across the lighter weight lambs that were generally cheaper than a fortnight ago.

Heavy lambs reached $265, with the main run of crossbred lambs in the 22-24kg carcase weight category making from $200 to $244/head.

Any well bred lambs off supplementary feed, offering buyers a good carcase, tracked above 900c/kg carcase weight.

Plain lambs to processors mainly made from $115 to $140/head.

There was a reasonable selection of little Merino lambs showing the effects of the season. These made from $97 to $134/head.

Local restockers purchased some small lambs from $70 to $104/head after some promising rain in the area.

Mutton prices eased across a mixed run, with some bigger lines of trade weight Merino ewes in short skins making from $106 to $145/head.

Some smaller pen lots of heavier sheep sold to $204/head.

Top quotes:

Lambs – Adam & Sandy Dellwo, $265 and $262; P & L Rumble, $244.

Hoggets – Brian Sullivan, $200; Tchelery Pastoral Co, $184; RW & DM Norris, $180.20.

Sheep – GE & EH Barker, $203.20; DT & AJ Liphuyzen, $203.20; PF & BJ Conallin, $190.

Rams – Aust Food & Agriculture, Boonoke, $180; Bruce Atkinson, $180; Sutton Nominees, $160.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.