Ley and Coalition wins present opportunity

By Cognitives Editor

After a hard fought campaign Sussan Ley has been returned as federal Member for Farrer, and to the surprise of many will be a senior member in a returned Morrison Coalition Government.

This presents our region with unique opportunities. During the election campaign Prime Minister Scott Morrison showed an empathy towards rural and regional communities that had been missing in federal politics.

Important issues which have impacted our communities have not been given sufficient priority by successive governments.

Health, water and communications were key election talking points, and now the polling is over it is time for action on all three.

The election commitment from Ms Ley to fund urgent works at Deniliquin Hospital is welcomed, and coupled with the promised State Government funding this can be the start of reinstating our hospital to the quality facility the community should expect.

Communication and connectivity has been the bane of many across the electorate and urgent action is needed to develop the infrastructure that will bring us into the 21st century.

The other key issue, of course, is water policy. A strong campaign against Ms Ley was waged because many people do not believe her government has done enough in this area. That needs to change.

Our region has dodged a bullet with the re-election of the Morrison Government, as Labor had promised to re-introduce water buybacks and scrap measures which were designed to protect rural communities.

Instead, we have been presented with a chance to move forward and build a positive future.

Today we need to draw a line in the sand. The election has been run and won, now it is time for the hard work required to develop a framework that will establish foundations on which this community can build for decades to come.

We have had significant government change in recent times, starting with a local government merger three years ago and followed in the past two months by re-elected governments at state and federal level.

The NSW Government, with huge resources from the Snowy Hydro sale at its disposal, has promised a renewed focus on regional areas.

The Morrison Government has been returned because of the support it received from regional Australia, including this electorate.

The potential presented by all three levels working together on policies and infrastructure that underpin our future is enormous.

It is an exciting time during which we need to inject capital and develop policy that will revitalise this region.

Now, all levels of government, in conjunction with the community, must roll up the sleeves and ensure the opportunity is not wasted.