Don’t be a drip — use water wisely

By Campaspe News

COLIBAN Water is reminding customers to use water wisely this summer and to follow the permanent water saving rules in place.

Steve Healy, Coliban Water regional liveability manager, said it had been a dry spring but the Coliban River catchment storages, near Kyneton, were in a good position going into the peak summer demand period.

“Malmsbury, Lauriston and Upper Coliban reservoirs are currently at 80 per cent with a combined volume of 55,805 megalitres,’’ he said.

“This spring we had 120 millimetres of rain at our Malmsbury Reservoir, which is around 40 per cent less than our long-term average.

“Our inflow for spring was 5439 megalitres, which is around 80 per cent less than our long-term average and around 54 per cent less than we received for the same period last year.

“Although our catchment inflows are low, we have been managing our water resources for dry conditions. Diversification of our supply systems give us greater access to water to ensure we have supply in store and customers can remain on permanent water saving rules.’’

Coliban Water has nine separate water supply systems across the region, each with different supply source and level of water security which are all reliant on rainfall over winter and spring.

All towns in the Coliban Water region are on permanent water saving rules and rural customers have access to 100 per cent of their licence volume for this season.

“These rules are five key water saving rules to ensure we use water efficiently and conserve it for the future,’’ he said.

“The rules are easy to follow. The main ones are to use a leak-free hose fitted with a trigger nozzle and only use watering systems between 6pm and 10am on any day.”

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