Teens making the right choices: Campaign teaches how to say no to drugs

By David Rak

THE Lockington Youth Activities Group is developing a campaign to support and encourage its peers to say no to alcohol and other drugs.

The ‘Good Choices, Great Life’ campaign is co-ordinated by the Rochester and Elmore Local Drug Action Team and Lockington Neighbourhood House.

It is funded through the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Local Drug Action Team program, which aims to engage the community in primary prevention initiatives.

The key messages include a series of positive affirmations to teach that life is shaped by the choices you make and choosing to confront your options with courage and confidence which will open a fulfilling path.

Members of the Youth Activities Group will launch the campaign by holding a stall at the Lockington Family Wellbeing Day on Sunday.

The stall will have a variety of resources available with facts on alcohol and other drugs, general wellbeing and information about where and how to access local help and support.

The Lockington Family Wellbeing Day will be held at the Lockington Recreation Reserve on Burns St from 10am to 2pm.