Result pleases Tyrrell

By Seymour Telegraph

Positive about the result, One Nation candidate Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell says the major parties should carefully consider her party’s first-preference swing in the region.

Running for the first time in the Victorian lower house, Ms Tyrrell said she and the party were happy with the result.

‘‘Considering we only campaigned for two weeks, I’m really, really happy with how it all went,’’ she said.

‘‘This should be an eye-opener for the major parties to let them know we are hot on their heels.’’

One Nation received 11.27 per cent of the primary vote in the Nicholls electorate, polling third behind The Nationals and the Australian Labor Party.

‘‘I had a feeling it was going to be a good result for us, I could see the two major parties were losing a lot of faith and support from the public,’’ Ms Tyrrell said.

‘‘We know what Australia is after now and we know what we need to do for the next three years.’’

Ms Tyrrell said she was glad to see her party was more successful than the United Australia Party (5.33 per cent primary vote) in the electorate.

‘‘That’s our type of voter, so it’s nice to see we did better than Clive,’’ she said.

Ms Tyrrell said she was surprised about the outcome of the Labor party.

‘‘I guess they gained a lot of Labor support from the south when the electorate changed,’’ she said.

Already looking forward to the next federal election, Ms Tyrrell said discussions had already taken place between herself and One Nation founder and leader Pauline Hanson.

Ms Tyrrell said she would be back as the One Nation candidate for Nicholls at the next federal election.

‘‘In the meantime, I’ll be going to parliament and doing work experience to learn more,’’ she said.

‘‘We did really well on the whole and know we’ve got something to work on.’’