Elders pip Minding Minds

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

A strong breeze from the south affected some players in the Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club’s Saturday competition last week.

The serve, overhead smashes and any lob shots were all made harder to play until the wind died down later in the afternoon.

Elders were led by their men Andrew Ritchie and Anthony Miclich who were both three set winners.

Elders’ ladies however were dominated by the ladies from Minding Minds led by Deb Holloway and Lourene Liebenberg.

The Minding Minds ladies won all four of their sets but when partnering up with their men lost all three.

The final score saw Elders victorious with six sets and 76 games to six sets and 67 games.

TA Maher had a shocker playing against Taskers Battlers with the latter winning 11 sets to one.

The returning travellers Annie and Alex Romanin both won their three sets together with Ally Collins-Roe, Tom Wettenhall, Ric Bond and Clive Gow.

After two rounds Taskers have broken away to lead the comp on 22 points with Elders on 13, Minding Minds 11 and TA Maher on 10.